Pakistani Teachers are providing online tuition in Pakistan for Math, MBA, Statistics, Accounting,

Pakistani Teachers are providing online tuition in Pakistan for Math, MBA, Statistics, Accounting,
Online Teachers in Pakistan

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Best Online tutors for 9 US Dollars per hour in Pakistan

Pakistan Tutors offer, Best Online tuition rates which is 9 US Dollars per hour for Pakistani and Indian students facing difficulty in Math, Physics, Chemistry, MBA accounting and Statistics.

We receive calls that why you are charging fees in US $ or why you charging just 9 US $ for online tutoring in Pakistan, on the other hand people from Pakistan are charging much higher amount???????
We answer these two questions that one this is an educational webiste for online tuition and we are making every effort to make education at best possible affordable rates.  
Our Aim and mission is same to make education for every Pakistani and Indian citizen. Education is the only key of success. We charge same rates for online tutoring in Dubai, USA, UK, Canada, Kuwait. Our rates of 9 US Dollars also applicable for IELTS, English language Classes, SEO ( Search engine optimization) Tutoring, Math tutoring, A level and O level subjects. We cover same rates for every class and any teacher living any where in the world, if he / she wants to join this online tutoring aganecy in Pakistan has to accept that same rate and heve to deliver quality lectures and online classes with punctuality. We delive lectures on time without any delay.

We are working on 5 points agenda to deliver online tutoruing lectures

  1. We engage tutors those are highly qualfied and willing to take online tutoring as professional job.
  2. Punctuality is the main point to convey lecture effecticely and effieciently. Delay in online lecture shatter the concentration of student which ultimately effect the over all result and performance of tutor.
  3. We help in homework and making assignments of statistics, math and accounting of MBA and GCSE  A level to excel students in their, and  thay can get an edge of hiring our service. 
  4. We deliver online tutoring lectures in developed countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia and on the other hand we do provide online tuition facility in countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and India. This give exposure to our tutors and better understanding of cultures. We belive in simple concept that if a tutor understand the culture and environment of international student, that tutor will have more student related examples. Its also observed overtime that a tutor who give examples close to students environment get more attention and response from student which give rise to better results in the examination.
  5. We provide online and home tutors in Karachi, Pakistan. 


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