Pakistani Teachers are providing online tuition in Pakistan for Math, MBA, Statistics, Accounting,

Pakistani Teachers are providing online tuition in Pakistan for Math, MBA, Statistics, Accounting,
Online Teachers in Pakistan

Online Tuition

Pakistani, online tutor, online tuition in Pakistan, for GCSE, Math, Algebra, tutor for,  MBA  Accounting, statistics. Get tutor in USA, UK, Dubai, Canada, and Australia. Ahmed offer online tuition in Pakistan. We are the first virtual academy for providing online tuition to all Pakistani and Indian students living in USA, UK, Canada, Dubai and Saudi Arab.
Our Academy has one of the largest data base of Pakistani teachers for online tuition in Dubai, USA, UK, Canada, Saudi Arab. We teach subjects with homework and assignment help.
Our services are reliable and have flexible timings; we adjust our timings with international students in USA and UK. We are always open for suggestion to improve our online tutoring facility, and this is the reason that we are still successful.
Algebra, Math, Accounting and Statistics are the 4 core subjects in which we have best tutors of Pakistan and some from India. We provide base for these subjects, you can record our lectures in real time so that you can watch them and can take them as reference for future. Our online tutoring service is cheap and affordable. We have best tutors at cheap rates. you can compare our rates with Indian tutoring service, I assure you that you will find Ahmed online tutoring service better than any other online academy in Pakistan. We are pioneer in making trends in online tutoring in Pakistan. Tutors are highly qualfied and reliable.
We cover these topice during 4th 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Algebra and Math classes.

  • Absolute value
  • Logarithm
  • Systems of Linear Equations
  • Square root, cubic root, N-th root
  • Negative and Fractional exponents
  • Expressions involving variables, substitution
  • Polynomials, rational expressions and equations
  • Radicals -- complicated equations involving roots
  • Quadratic Equation
  • Numeric Fractions
  • Decimal numbers, power of 10, rounding
  • Operations with Signed Numbers
  • Exponents and operations on exponents
  • Divisibility and Prime Numbers
  • Roman numerals
  • Inverse operations for addition and multiplication, reciprocals
  • Evaluation of expressions, parentheses
  • Distributive, associative, commutative properties, FOIL
  • Equations
  • Inequalities, trichotomy
  • Linear Equations, Graphs, Slope
  • Proportions
  • Percentage and Pie Charts
  • Number Line
  • Average
  • Complex Numbers
  • Linear Algebra (NOT Linear Equations)
  • Introduction to vectors, addition and scaling
  • Matrices, determinant, Cramer rule
  • Exponent and logarithm as functions of power
  • Rational Functions, analyzing and graphing
  • Conic sections - ellipse, parabola, hyperbola
  • Geometric formulas
  • Angles, complementary, supplementary angles
  • Triangles
  • Pythagorean theorem
  • Volume, Metric volume
  • Circles and their properties
  • Rectangles
  • Length, distance, coordinates, metric length
  • Proofs in Geometry
  • Bodies in space, right solid, cylinder, sphere


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